The ceremony was about to start and I was standing under the arch with the ocean behind me when the videographer walked up and asked to check the recording device that he put in my inside jacket pocket. This wasn’t a normal mic that videographers give me where it fits into my pocket and then the mic clips to the outside of my jacket. No, this thing was huuuugggghheee!

He never planned on me having to wear this recording device. He was going to plug it into the sound system and record my voice that way, but 2 mins before I walked down the sand aisle, he asked me to put it in my pocket because he lost faith in the sound system.

It was clunky and big (as seen in the photo), and it barely fit in my pocket It reminded me of when I was a little kid and I dressed up as He-Man for halloween by stuffing socks in my shirt. The couple wanted everything recorded and even though I could have refused this pocket stuffer, I knew I had to try everything I could to preserve this wedding day for them.

So when the Videographer came back up to me and listened to the recording, I knew that the situation had grown to full crisis mode by the look on his face. Because the device was in my pocket, it recorded all the times it rubbed against the cloth of my jacket, which created a scratching sound in the recording.

Wanting to be helpful, I offered to hold it exactly how you see in the photo. I had the book in my left hand, with the recorder on top, stabilized with my thumb, while in my other hand was the actual microphone. This setup worked fine for most of the ceremony. There were a few awkward moments. When they were speaking their vows, instead of closing my book and holding it to the side, I keep it open and in front of me so that the device could pick up their voices. Also, when I ask for the rings, usually I close my book and place it under my arm and then hold the rings in my left hand, but since I couldn’t get rid of the recorder which was still on the book, I had to improvise.

Holding the device only caused a few minor inconveniences, but it was better for me to bare that burden instead the couple not being able to have audio for their video of the ceremony. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but wedding ceremonies aren’t about me, right? For weddings, you do whatever you can to make the day special for the couple.

Oh, also, the coordinator wanted me to pick up a bubble machine and turn it on as they walked out the aisle at the end of the ceremony. You can say that my hands were full on Saturday.

But let me leave you with my favorite part. They did their own vows, and one of the grooms started listing a few things that he loves doing with the other. It was a light and funny list that brought laughter and deep sighs. It brought me into their relationship and I was able to feel the joy of their friendship. But then he said, “these [what I just listed] are things I love about our relationship, but these are not the reasons I love you.” Then he had this dramatic pause, before continuing while his eyes began to swell with water, “I love you because you’re always there for me, because…” and then he went on and on with a most beautiful list that unfortunately I can’t remember because I was so focused on juggling a book, microphone, recorder, and bubble machine!

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