High School Love

There is this tradition at Montebello High School for every home football game where each player (if he has the courage) goes up to a girl during school and asks if she would wear his jersey to the next home game. If the girl accepts, she wears the jersey for the game and then gives it back to him the next week.

Usually guys will give it to their girlfriend, a friend, or people they know.

Well, this guy always liked this one girl since middle school, but because he was shy, he had barely spoken a word to her over the years.

One day after working up the courage, he walks up to her at school, with his jersey in hand, and asks her if she would wear his jersey for the game. She thought it was a little weird that someone who never speaks to her would ask her this, but she accepts and wore it to the game…

however, she didn’t know that she was supposed to give it back afterwards…

so she kept it.

He wasn’t going to ask for it back!

Oh no, he definitely wasn’t going to ask for it!

So she wore it the next two weeks.

On the third week, he sees her walking up to him. He thinks that she is coming to return it, and that she has finally realized how this jersey thing works. But instead of giving it back, she asks him for his away jersey too!

and so he gives it to her 🙂

When we met for coffee last year, she told me that there was a moment in High School before they were dating when she contemplated walking away from pursuing this relationship. She knew he liked her, but it was so hard to get him to speak. He barely said a word.

Obviously she didn’t make that choice and here we are this weekend, celebrating their marriage.

I can’t tell you how much I love to hear these high school stories. They’re so awkward and funny. They’re full of insecurities and ignorance. There’s vulnerability and pretension. It’s a good reminder that there’s something beautiful in the weird and the uncomfortable. That those moments where you’re in over your head, can produce something astonishing.

I married another couple this weekend. Instead of a large ceremony, it was just an elopement. We met at a bench near the Santa Monica Pier and as we sat on the bench, looking at the ocean, I married them.

The ceremony didn’t have any vows, because they were firm believers that vows were meant to be lived. There were no rings exchanged, because they are already bonded together.

For me, there was something romantic about that moment, sitting on the bench where they used to frequent early in their relationship, legalizing something that has already been established over the years.

They didn’t need spoken vows for me for their commitment to felt and experienced. They didn’t need promises, because they know what they get with each other. They really didn’t even need me, but I was happy to be there 🙂

I had married one other couple this weekend. It was another elopement, but this one had as many dogs as it did humans! There were 4 dogs and 4 friends. Throw in the geese and their chicks at Echo Park lake and us humans were completely out numbered.

Maybe the story of that elopement should be saved for another time…

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