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“What chance does a chubby 12 year old nerd, like me, have to be with the most beautiful girl in school?  No chance!” – I stood there Monday night, listening to more lines from some beautiful vows.  Everytime he would talk about his love for her or his commitment, she would let out this noise.  It’s a noise that is difficult to describe, because half of it seemed to originate out of being surprised and shocked that he actually loves her.  The other half stemmed from one’s heart receiving such intense and warm love that it begins to melt. It was definitely endearing. – One of her lines went like this: “For a man with a few words, 'I love you' are 3 words you never forget to say, and your actions show your love to me every single day.” – I didn’t need her words to tell me what a quality guy he was.  I could just tell. There were a few different scenes that impressed me, but I only have space for one: – Before the ceremony started, all the 8 of the photographers and videographers were trying to get him to take more photos.  That’s a lot of pressure to continue taking photos. You haven’t seen this then imagine 8 grown men (throw in a few women in there too, but today was all men), telling you, “just one more shot. Just one more.  Stand right here and look this way. Just one more shot.” – We were getting close to the start time and he knew people were waiting, so he just says to all these guys, “Nope! I’m done taking pictures.  Let’s start this wedding.” – This isn’t a common response.  A lot of people will give in and take a few more photos, but from what I gather about him, he kept in mind the bigger picture of getting married.  He kept in mind all his family and friends who are waiting. He didn’t get lost in the little needs of that moment, but rather let the bigger needs drive the day. – I can’t tell you how many times I heard someone say over the coordinator’s walkie-talkie, “He said no more photos. He wants to start the ceremony.” – If you were there then you would have to acknowledge that there’s something about this guy’s character that is flat out likable. – Forget that! There’s something about this couple that is likable 🙂

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