Drive Through Wedding

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They pulled up to my driveway and called me saying, “I think we’re in front of your place.” I walked down the stairs and out the gate to see an SUV in front of my garage with a 75 year old woman and a 85 year old man inside. – The bride and groom have been together for over 40 years and now, during this pandemic, they find themselves sitting in their car signing their marriage license. Earl is completely blind, which made signing a little more difficult, but not impossible. – The bride kept on telling The groom to get out of the car and walk over to her side of the vehicle. I was a little perplexed as to why she requested that, so I watched him open his door, take great effort in swinging his leg outside out of the car to stand up, and then begin to feel his way around the car. I could see his hesitancy, not sure if he should walk behind the car because it hung out onto the street, so I decided to speak up to tell him that I would go to him. He crept his way back into the car. A few other times during this 10 minute encounter, the bride would request the groom to come over to her side, but I was a little faster in those moments to remind him that I would go to him. – They signed their papers and as they sat in their car, I asked them both if they “take the other to be their husband/wife?” Each agreed. I pronounced them Husband and Wife, and then the bride told the groom to reach out his hand. She lifted her hand to offer an affectionate shake. He went in for a fist bump. They laughed and jokingly told me that after 40 years they don’t kiss anymore, but I could tell she was joking and that it was difficult for them to contort their bodies in their car to reach each other’s lips. – I helped her push the button on her phone to facetime their son who answered while he was driving his car!!!! They briefly talked before we said our goodbyes and they drove away. – That was my first drive through wedding! – They were as kind and lovely as you could imagine.

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