Coffee Grinds

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I was walking out of the bridal suite when the bride asked me if the groom had mentioned anything about coffee. “Coffee?” I replied, but the look of curiosity probably answered her question before I had spoken. – I could see her internal struggle, trying to decide whether to pursue the conversation or drop it.  It was 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony, and probably not wanting to add any more stress to the moment, she told me, “oh, never mind. It’s too late.” – I could hear a hint of disappointment in her voice, so I told her that I would look into it if she told me a little more about what was going on. – It turns out that the bride and groom had discussed including a unity ceremony in their wedding.  They came up with the idea of pouring coffee grinds from two different countries (Vietnam and El Salvador) into one vase, symbolizing their two lives coming together in marriage.  The bride and groom are both first generation US citizens and carry a deep sense of gratitude for their parents, and respect for their immigrant journey. Combining the coffee grinds would illustrate creating the perfect marriage blend 🙂 – Here’s a quick rundown of what happened next – I talked to the groom, and he had received the coffee, but it was somewhere in the bridal suite – I went back to the bridal suite and along with 11 bridesmaids we all scoured the room, looking for the coffee until we found it. – They didn’t have a container that they could use to pour the different coffee grinds into during the ceremony, so we found a mason jar that would work. – There was not a table at the ceremony site to display the coffee and mason jar, and there was not a wedding coordinator, so I searched and found a pretty little table from the cocktail hour area and set it up at the ceremony site. – I didn’t have any script for this part of the ceremony, so with only a few minutes to spare, I jotted down some things to stay to introduce the unity ceremony and the symbolism behind it. – I’m not a coffee drinker, so I’m not sure what you call a *thing* of coffee.  Is it a bag of coffee, pouch of coffee, a pound of coffee???? Everything else turned out well 🙂

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