Yeah for Mrs. Polick

Shoutout to Mrs. Polick for randomly assigning seats for her ancient civilization class back in 2008. Two high school kids found themselves sitting next to each other and became “no homework” buddies, often bonding over not doing homework. In reality, he frequently had completed his homework, but wouldn’t hand it in just and just kept it hidden in his backpack, so that he could have that connection with her. haha.

I had met this couple last summer and have been looking forward to their wedding. After sitting down and talking to them, you can’t not root for them. They’ve been together since high school, which is another great story…

He asked her to be his girlfriend and her first response was, “Let me think about it.” For 2 days he did everything he could to avoid running into her because he was so scared that her answer would be “no”. Finally, after two days, she was able to chase him down the block after school to give him her answer 🙂

My respect and admiration for them really starts immediately after highschool when her situation thrusted her into adulthood. They took on life together, paying bills, bringing groceries home on the bus, learning to cook together. They showed so much resolve, and such great character was revealed during that time. I think we have this tendency when we go through life that we’re just dealing with it as it comes, but as I look at their story and see the life that they’ve created for themselves now, I so much appreciation their mutual support, character, sacrifices, hope, and resolve.

Would you expect this from two kids sitting in class bonding over not doing homework?

San Dimas Wedding

You know you’re at a different wedding when the bride begins her vows talking about how much she didn’t like the groom when they met. And then that is followed by talking about how he used to walk around campus barefoot all the time and how he had also earned the nickname “blackout”.

I really wish I could have memorized his vows, because he had a powerful line that he delivered with such passion. He said, “I cant promise that I’ll love you perfectly (pause), but I will love you messily, passionately, completely, [and then about 10 other adverbs]. It really wasn’t just the words, but passion and cadence in how he said it that brought it all together.

My favorite part came a little bit earlier when I asked him during the ceremony, “Are you ready to take this woman to be your wife and to yada yada yada (I didn’t actually say Yada Yada Yada)?

He replies once I’m done with the question, in a deep and strong voice, “YES!”

It was such a strong response that it got a reaction from all of the family and friends in attendance. It even got a response from the bride. She jumps in and comments about the tone, “wow, that was sturdy”

This got a laugh from everyone, but without missing a beat, and speaking over the chuckles of those watching, he goes deeper and stronger, slowly and methodically pronouncing the words,

“I A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y F**king do!”

I seriously had to wait 25 seconds for everyone to calm down and stop laughing before I could continue.

It was a fun wedding 🙂